Property Inspections Perth

Basic Building Reports

Basic property inspections involve visually assessing accessible areas of the property to identify apparent defects to the major structural components of the building.

The major structural items that will be assessed include foundations, footings, floor structure, internal and external walls, the roof and ceiling frame, primary structural steel elements such as lintels and beams, retaining walls and structural damp issues.

During our property inspections, we have uncovered many items that an untrained person might not identify as a potential problem.

Roof structures are a major part of the home and we have uncovered problems where people have carried out sub-standard alterations by removing major structural components without completely understanding the implications. Most of these homes appear fine to the untrained person but in actual fact have become dangerous structures.

Wall structures are another major component of the building where some people believe they know what they are doing when performing sub-standard alterations. We have encountered problems where major supporting walls have been removed without provision for loads above, creating dangerous structures where there is a possibility of collapse.

Footings are the major support for the walls and roof, which in turn transfer superimposed loads to the supporting foundation material. House footings are usually constructed of reinforced concrete to carry the heavy loads imposed on them. During our inspections, we have encountered where the footings have been omitted and walls build directly on sand which is a recipe for disaster.

Items uncovered during basic property inspections

Concrete Footing Issues
This wall was built without a concrete footing

Roof Structure Issues
This roof structure was not built correctly

Cracked Concrete Slab
A crack had occurred in the concrete slab

Wall Plate Fixing Issue
Wall plate fixing doesn’t comply with AS3700

We provide property inspections throughout Perth, including Joondalup, Wanneroo, Currambine, Ocean Reef, Connolly, Heathridge, Mullaloo, Craigie, Woodvale, Ocean Reef, Two Rocks, Yanchep and Butler.

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