Pre Purchase Building Inspections Perth

Comprehensive Building Reports

Comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections deal with visually checking to see if the structural and non-structural components of a house are performing as they were designed to.

The major structural items that will be assessed include foundations, footings, floor structure, internal and external walls, the roof and ceiling frame, primary steel structural elements such as lintels and beams, retaining walls and structural damp issues.

Visual pre-purchase building inspections also include accessible roof cover and flashings, gutters and downpipes, ceiling lining, windows, doors and frames, cabinets and cabinet tops, ceramic tiling, bathroom, WC and laundry, plastering, cursory visual plumbing and electrical appraisal, plus moisture testing, paving, fencing, but is not limited to these.

During our inspections, we have uncovered many structural items that an untrained person might not identify as a potential problem, such as illegal alterations including substandard roof structures, dangerous structural support walls and missing footings.

With our comprehensive pre-purchase building inspections we find not only structural defects but also problems such as dampness, which we test for, stress fractures, painting issues and other numerous workmanship issues.

We have uncovered a large amount of non-compliant items with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia, which state the minimum requirements for a building. A number of tradesmen and also builders tend not to follow these standards because they either don’t know or choose to ignore them.

Items Uncovered During Comprehensive Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Structural Supports Missing
Some major structural supports were missing

Poorly Installed Vent
Vent installed in an untradesmanlike manner

Incorrect Floor Support
A broken roof tile used to support a floor

Leaking Pipes
A leak under a laundry tub

We provide pre purchase building inspections throughout Perth, including Joondalup, Wanneroo, Currambine, Ocean Reef, Connolly, Heathridge, Mullaloo, Craigie, Woodvale, Ocean Reef, Two Rocks, Yanchep and Butler.

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