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People choose us because of the experience we have within the building industry. Our registered builder has built a number of quality homes during his career and has extensive knowledge and understanding of the building industry and its requirements. Previously employed as a building inspector with the West Australian Government, and with over 35 years building experience our inspector has encountered many and varied issues associated with residential buildings.

A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and additional components of a home.

The inspector’s job is to assess the condition of the home at the time of the inspection and report the findings to the client. There is no pass or fail within the scope of the inspection.

We welcome our clients to join us during the inspection and ask questions about any matters they have regarding the property. However this depends on the real estate regulations and the current owner of the home.

If you cannot make the inspection we are accessible to our clients to answer any questions of concern they may have about the inspection once they have reviewed the report.

We never rush our inspections because we provide a thorough service, but depending on the type of inspection requested, we generally spend between 1.5Hrs & 2.5Hrs on a single storey comprehensive home inspection.

Our basic building inspection is $360 Inc.GST.  however, inspection fees can vary depending upon the size of the home and the type of inspection required.

If you’re contemplating making an offer on a property, please contact us with the details and we will e-mail you a quote. We also recommend having us look over the property before you put an offer in.

Give us a call on 0409081830 for some free advice and an immediate price quote.

Before you book an inspection, make sure you know exactly what type of report you are getting for your money. Some people are choosing inspectors who offer both building and termite inspections, but we caution against this unless you have the full credentials of who is doing each inspection.

With over 35 years experience in construction we consider ourselves as experts in our field.

The basic building inspection deals with visually checking to see if the structural components of a house are performing as they were designed to. This inspection involves visually checking the structural components of the property. The structural items that will be assessed include foundations, floors, sub-floor space, internal and external walls, the roof and ceiling frame, rusting of primary structural elements such as lintels and beams, retaining walls and structural damp issues.

The comprehensive building inspection covers all the items listed in the basic inspection and also includes visual inspection of roof cover and flashings, gutters and downpipes, ceiling lining, windows, doors and frames, cabinets and worktops, ceramic tiling, fixtures and fittings, plastering, preliminary electric (lights/power points working) and preliminary plumbing (taps working, water hammer etc.) moisture testing, paving, fencing but is not limited to these.

If the inspector finds defects within the scope of the requested inspection the onus is on the client to make the final decision on what course of action they will take.

A home inspector’s role is to report on the condition of the property, not to get involved with the decision making process.

We provide a written inspection report which is broken down under different headings relating to building components. We incorporate structural items such as external walls/roof frame and non structural items such as cabinets/doors/windows but it is not limited to these and will depend on the requested report. All reports include photos for easy reference.

In most circumstances we provide a 24 hour turnaround from inspection to your receipt of the completed report. We can also email reports if requested.

We recommend our clients have a home building inspection before making an offer on a property to determine the overall condition of the home. This may give them additional bargaining power when negotiating the offer.

The purchase of a home is probably the single largest investment you will ever make. A home inspection helps you protect that investment.

If you’re thinking about buying a house or unit you should have it properly inspected before the final offer by an experienced and impartial professional home inspector with the qualifications to back up the report.

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