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Special Purpose Building Inspection:

The special purpose building report deals with checking any particular item requested, that is within the inspector’s scope.

During our inspections we have uncovered many issues that an untrained person might not identify as a potential problem.

We have uncovered a large amount of non compliant items with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia, which state the minimum requirements for a building. A number of tradesmen and also builders tend to ignore these standards because they either don’t know or choose to ignore them.

Items outside the inspector’s scope would include licensed trades, such as electrical or plumbing work, but not limited to these; however due to the inspectors vast experience, should problems be observed outside his expertise, the inspector will recommend theĀ  appropriate licensed practitioner to be consulted.

Below is an example of a special purpose inspection on a completed roof.

Items Uncovered During A Special Purpose Building Inspection

Numerous over tightened roof screws

Rust in gutters

Flashing not installed to Australian Standards

Untradesmanlike patched up work